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Camera Integrated Tracking

Why Waste time and energy installing separate cameras and vehicle trackers?

Take road safety and fleet efficiency to the next level with the RH600, the first 4G vehicle camera combined with fully-featured telematics.

Fleet managers can live-stream footage from any vehicle and receive videos or photos of any incident or event. Choose from one forward facing camera or an optional extra camera which can be set up to monitor the driver, rear of the vehicle, or load area. The compact RH600 also provides advanced telematics functionality, including driver behavior scoring, vehicle health alerts and Driver ID features to further reduce road risk.

In addition the RH600 supports Advanced Driver Assistance ADAS which helps further to reduce road risk by providing alerts and warnings of:

  • Driver Distraction
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Forward Collision
  • Safe Distance

For further information on the versatility of the RH600, please click HERE to arrange a callback to discuss your requirements.

Camera Integrated Tracking