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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

A blend of fleet management software and vehicle tracking solutions provide businesses with services and products enabling them to organise and maintain their fleet more efficiently The best fleet management solutions are based not only on the fleet nature and size, but also on the types of transport-related activities that need to be coordinated.

Fleet management services provide a broad range of options, including management, maintenance, and assistance which via cluod based software can be either self managed or outsourced.  

What is a Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software (FMS) is a computer software optimising vehicle management processes. FMS is a part of a fleet management system, along with GPS devices and computer/mobile hardware. The tasks comprise all operations from vehicle acquisition through maintenance to disposal. Professional software is able to support all processes, tasks, and events related to all kinds of vehicles, such as:

  • Vehicle inventory, registration, licencing, MOT test, and tax
  • Vehicle routing and scheduled maintenance
  • Vehicle insurance and cost management
  • Driver license and penalty points management
  • Telematics and route planning
  • Logbooks and work time management

5 Advantages of Fleet Management Software

  • It can improve compliance
  • It can be tailored to the size and type of your fleet
  • It can improve safety and duty of care
  • It can reduce the burden of administration
  • It can (and should) be regularly updated

Looking to reduce your workload by automating your fleet processes?


Fleet Management