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Plug N Play Tracking

Simple Telematics YOU can Install

There are a number of options on the market to add vehicle tracking to your fleet however, this is by far the easiest.

The T10 Micro is a fully functional telematics device that you simply plug into your vehicle. With a powerful 32bit processor to provide precise GPS locations it communicates via advanced Bluetooth Low Energy utilising complex data sets.The T10 Micro connects with a number of vehicle interfaces to process and provide vehicle diagnostics and fuel usage.

Real time performance and fuel data is monitored along with diagnostic trouble codes using information received from the vehicles engine control unit (ECU).

To get started, it is as simple as 123:

  1. Decide on the number of devices required and method of payment (finance options available)
  2. Choose the monthly service level required which is accessed via a web portal
  3. Upon delivery, Plug in, log in and start enjoying the benefits of fleet managed vehicle tracking

For more information on the T10 Micro, click HERE to arrange a callback to answer your questions and discuss your requirements

Plug N Play Tracking