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LEX Autolease Q&A for Covid 19

Published on 6th Apr 2020

Payment Holidays

I am currently unable to make my payments due to the impact of coronavirus

If your income has been affected by coronavirus, we have a range of options to help you. This may include the option to defer rentals for up to 3 months.
If you would like to defer your rentals and you are a personal contract hire customer or a business with a fleet size of 20 or below, please visit our secure online portal www.managemyvehicle.co.uk. You can apply to defer your payments online and we will then let you know whether your request has been accepted.
If you have a fleet size of more than 20 vehicles please contact your Account Manager directly to discuss the options available.
If you do need to speak to us please call 0800 389 3690 and select Option 4 for Credit Control. Due to the high volumes of calls and emails we are currently experiencing, our call waiting and response times are longer than normal.

Servicing & Maintenance

NEW Services are due on vehicles, but Lex are unable to facilitate these services through their suppliers, are we going to be held at fault for driving these vehicles beyond their service date or are Lex going to nullify any potential costs for damages? The Government have advised against all non-essential travel and therefore we would not expect to see vehicles driven for significant distances beyond their recommended service date. Some garages remain open to service vehicles of key workers. We have sought the views of a number of manufacturers and the consensus is they will take a pragmatic view to warranty claims if a service schedule was disrupted by Covid-19.

Breakdown & Recovery

NEW Any breakdowns due to vehicles being driven over their service date, are Lex going to supply hire vehicles at your cost? In the event of a mechanical breakdown that directly results from a vehicle passing its service date where it has not been possible for Lex to arrange a vehicle service requested by a customer supporting key services, we will provide a hire vehicle. As the Government has advised against non-essential travel we would not expect to see vehicles driven for many miles over their service date, except for key workers.

Customer Treatment: Benefit in Kind

Is the driver still liable for Benefit in Kind tax as the vehicle (and keys) are in their possession or as the instruction is that the vehicle isn’t insured to drive that it therefore is ‘unavailable for private use’ Once the customer has confirmed to us they wish to dehire the vehicle, and we have taken over the insurance then the vehicle is no longer available for private use. Our P11D reporting for those corporates will also confirm the dehire date as being the agreed date of termination, since no rentals will be charged from that date. (technically they might be charged but will be credited).

Delivery of a new vehicle

I am due a new vehicle delivery, will this be impacted?

All new vehicle deliveries will be postponed until further notice. We will endeavour to deliver vehicles for critical services and workers however unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.

I want to arrange a collection of my vehicle.

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus restrictions, our vehicle collection services are temporarily unavailable.
I will keep the vehicle for the time being:
If you would like to keep the vehicle for an extended period beyond your end of contract date. We will continue your contract for you and confirm monthly rental details in the post. If you choose to keep vehicle then there is no need to contact us at this time as your informal extension will continue.

I would still like to end my contract agreement:

Please email Customer Services on [email protected] and mark in the subject field ‘Vehicle Return Request’. Please confirm your intention to return the vehicle and provide the current mileage. Although we will be unable to arrange for the vehicle to be collected until further notice, we will agree a contract end date. We will not be charging you monthly rental payments following notification that you want to return the vehicle.
Please note if you are wanting to end your agreement early you may be subject to an early termination charge. Please email Customer Services on [email protected] who will be able to provide details.
Stop using the vehicle from the end of contract date and we will arrange alternative insurance to cover the vehicle after the agreed end date until we can arrange collection. You will not be insured to drive the vehicle after this date.
Please keep the vehicle in a safe and secure location to minimise the risk of third party damage and do not use the vehicle. The vehicle must not be driven from this point as the driver will not be insured.
Please note, you will still be liable for any excess mileage charges if you have exceeded your contracted mileage limit.

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